Hunting tourism

Azerbaijan having the rich cultural and historical heritage has favorable natural conditions for development prospects of the tourism industry. There are great opportunities for development of majority of tourism kinds of the country like health, environmental, cultural, social, business, sports, special interest, and so on. In recent years, one of the developing kinds of tourism is hunting tourism.

Hunting in Azerbaijan

The hunting tourism in Azerbaijan has been operating since 1963. In recent years, the interest in this field was increased. There are different types of hunting in the country at the moment. The mountain goat and birds hunting were most developed one.

The hunting kinds in the territory of Azerbaijan are the following:

-Hunting of Dagestan goat;
– Wild boar hunting;
– Rabbit hunting;
– Hunting of forest dove;
-Quail hunting;
– Partridge hunting;
– Water birds (goose, duck, coot) hunting;
– Jullut hunting;
– Woodcock hunting;
– Chamois hunting.


Permission for hunting of the animals is regulated by a specific schedule. Hunting periods are as follows:


Dagestan goat June – November
Water birds October – March
Caucasian deer June – October
Wolves, foxes, hares August – March
Wild boar September – March
Forest Birds of prey October – March
Black partridge July – March
Lynx September – March