Qusar is the capital of Qusar District, Azerbaijan. Qusar is located in foothills of Greater Caucasus, over the Qusarchay River, 35 kilometers southwest from Khudat railway station and 180 km from Baku. In 1836, Mikhail Lermontov visited Qusar, where he met with scientist-philosopher Haji Ali-efendi. There he heard 'Ashiq Qarib' dastan from an eminent ashiq Lazgi Ahmad; he later wrote his famous work 'Ashiq Qarib' based on its motifs. A home-museum of the poet is reserved in the city with a memorial plate, inscribed with the famous lines of Lermontov:

I welcome you, the hoary Caucasus!
I’m not a stranger for your mountains.
How I loved, my imposing Caucasus,
The martial positions of your sons.

Qusar is home to Shahdag Winter Complex, the largest ski resort in Azerbaijan.

Local history museum was established in 1980 and moved into its current building with an area of 1652 sq.m. in 1982. There are 3700 exhibits in the museum. 

The Qusar State Art Gallery opened in 1986 in Hil village of Qusar raion was moved to Qusar city in 1998. 152 works of Azerbaijani artists, including 111 paintings, 34 graphic and 7 sculptural works are on display in the gallery. 

In 1998, the State Drama Theatre of Lezgins was opened in Qusar. 

Heydar Aliyev Center was built in Heydar Aliyev Memorial Complex in 2012 with the aim of organizing different events and involving young people in various career and personal development activities. The Center features a memorial museum, a library, a reading hall, different conference rooms, and dance, carpet-weaving training centers.